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Crete is the biggest island in Greece, and also one of the first inhabited islands. Due to its position, it is a crossroad of civilizations and cultures and has been the dream of every conqueror. Nevertheless, Cretan Culture and History remained unchanged during the years, no matter what happened on the island. Today, you are given the opportunity to discover the cultural and historical aspects of the island through our Crete Cultural Tours. The options are unlimited and the sights are always unique!

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Cretan Culture and History has many hidden gems!

Culture and history in Crete developed back to the 7th millennium BC. Travel back to the beginnings of the Minoan civilization by taking a tour of Knossos Palace to visit the ancient ruins and be part of the Cretan history. Crete Historical Tours take you to the Kazantzakis Museum to discover the life of the important intellectual, author, philosopher and traveller Nikos Kazantzakis. Live like Cretan for a day and discover the Cretan way of life by attending a traditional folklore night with live music, dance and dinner. Visit the Heraklion Archaeological Museum and witness the rich collection of ancient ruins from the Minoan Civilization. Book a cultural tour and discover the history behind the modern story of wonderful Crete. You can always combine history with some of the best outdoor activities in Crete.