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If you are looking for outdoor tours in Crete, you’re in the right place! Crete has to offer a vast selection of outdoor tours and excursions that will keep you thrilled! Join us in a unique experience while choosing your favourite activity from our handpicked selection! The most famous Crete excursions include the Samaria gorge tour from Chania, the well known Hersonissos excursions and of course, the all-time classic horse riding & safari tour in Crete! If you have trouble picking up your next outdoor tour in Crete, we are here for you. Our experienced representatives will help you understand each activity and pick the most suitable one for you!

Adventure Tours & Excursions

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Outdoor Tours in Crete are a totally unique experience!

Feel the vibes of the Cretan land and follow ancient paths with our handpicked activities, with professional, experienced guides! Walk inside the Samaria Gorge, where ancient spirits are said to live. Learn the myths and facts from the locals and witness the vast beauty of nature inside the Gorge. Try Trekking in Crete following the many routes through the forests and the wild natural scenery. Ride a horse and connect with nature or go on a safari tour in Cretan land. Witness the wildlife of the island and make amazing memories! Whatever you are in for, we have the best options for you! Just ask our experienced representatives to help you pick the outdoor activity that suits you the most! Sometimes a clear choice can be hard, so don’t forget to be tempted by our sailing and boat cruises!