Ownership and Administration

The current project, VisitCrete.co.uk is owned and managed by DayTrip4U, a TripGiant company.

Impressive number of daytrips! Do you organize all of that?

Daytrip4u works only with licensed, legal, experienced and authentic organizers! We work hard to make sure that the services reaching you are of top quality and as should!

How do I book?   

Simply follow the steps, our booking engine is very simple and leads you in just few clicks to a complete booking. We use fully encrypted (most recent technology) systems which result to secure data communication. Find a daytrip that suits your interests and click it, select the number of participants under the right categories, pick-up if available, and click “Add to Cart”. If you are finished with your activities’ exploring, hit “go to check out” and the steps are more than clear.

Is my booking instantly confirmed?

Yes, rest assured you have booked and fully confirmed the service of your choice! Unless there is some rare and unforeseen problem (e.g. weather conditions) all is set! Just make sure you have received your confirmation voucher and your ticket.

I have just booked but the confirmation e-mail has not reached me yet!

In this very rare scenario please check your spam folder, should be there, if not please check you have provided the correct e-mail address during the booking process, if not please mail us at support@daytrip4u.com, noting your product it number, your full name and correct e-mail you want us to forward the voucher and the ticket to.  

I have already booked but I need to amend /cancel!

No worries! Daytrip4u has by far the friendliest terms in the market! If you need to amend, please mail us at support@daytrip4u.com, noting the: Booking number, Name and correct E-mail with the amendments (new dates and perhaps starting-times too) or noting the cancellation, and we will forward the new voucher and ticket or the confirmation of cancelling the booking.  

I have used my card completing the booking, have I just paid you? Any hidden charges to follow?

Your booking is fully paid and there won't be any other charge of any type.
 Even if you book months in advance, we promise we will deliver the service you have booked regardless of any price increases. Please check though if noted that any minor fees are by law covered by you while visiting, e.g. some museum entrances etc.

I am not sure we are fit or the time displayed is convenient for us! How can we make sure?

No problem! Feel free to use our online chat or mail us at support@daytrip4u.com, we will get back to you on your question as soon as possible!

Are there any offers? Any Discounted daytrips?

Of course! Check around, compare our daytrips with the competition, we offer the best there is in quality with the lowest and most fair prices guaranteed!

What if my daytrip did not meet my expectations?

A very rare thing to happen, please mail us at support@daytrip4u.com and we will have a top guy of our team look into this very carefully, we will make any effort possible for that and rest assured we are on your side!