is an online travel agency offering a wide range of thematic tours and activities on the island of Crete. Our team consists of experienced professionals born and raised in Crete who share a common mission to transmit the magic and authenticity of Crete to every visitor and every traveler on our island. We provide tours and experiences, strictly selected for their authenticity, uniqueness, and value, to offer our visitors the opportunity to discover the real Crete!

Manos Psarakis
Orestis Geniatakis
Manos Papyrakis
Michalis Papyrakis

Values and philosophy of excellence is our guide which accomplished through the following actions:

 We provide support 24/7.

 We make available the most friendly cancellation and amendment policy.

 We advance continuously with up-to-date technology and efficient distribution channels.

 We meet the needs of all clients in every possible way.

 We seek out new services and a variety of themes and options for both the travel partner and the individual traveler.

  We take a personal and innovative approach.

  We introduce the traveller to the real destination they are visiting.

  We enlist guides that are the best there are in their fields.


VisitCrete, is a member of TripGiant LTD network which consists of tourism professionals with multinational experience who work hard and passionately towards making every travelers experience truly memorable and offering the best in today’s travel market.